Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

You are required to have an account name and password for certain activities on this website.

These data, supplied by you, are incorporated into our database, being used only for the authentication of the registration, processing the order, undertakes not to disclose the data to third parties and use it only for the purposes of exchange between us and you.

These data can be modified at the time that you wish. We may cancel or suspend your account name and password at any time at our discretion without notifying you or anyone else. We are under no obligation to verify the current identity or authorization of anyone who uses the account name and password to access and use the Website.

We have the right to demand proof of the identity of any person requesting access and use of the Web at any time, and we can deny access if we are not satisfied with said proof.

You are fully responsible for the security of your account name and password and for all uses and / or abuses. You agree to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your account. does not assume any responsibility, nor will it be responsible, for the damages derived from / or related to your failure to maintain the security of your password.


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